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Tether Your Cell Phone and Landlines with an XLINK

Xtreme Technologies, an electronic design and manufacturing company that specializes in cellular gateways and Bluetooth docking stations, has recently released the XLink family of communication hubs. The XLink allows users to eliminate their landline plan while still enjoying the use of a landline-style phone by tethering up to three cell phones to the XLink and funneling calls therein. According to the Nielson company, as quoted on the Xtreme Technologies website, users can expect to save an average of $33 a month by using this device.

The XLink comes with 60 minutes of free long distance calls and allows users to fully utilize the free night and weekend minutes built in to most cell phone plans. The XLink also boasts a USB port for computer firmware upgrades. However, the most attractive feature of the XLink, in my opinion, is how it eliminates indoor cellular reception dead spots.

Xtreme has relelased two models to date–the XLink BT and the XLink BTTN. The BT is the standard model – for a user looking to eliminate a landline and funnel calls from one-to-three cell phones, the BT is the XLink to buy. If a customer should choose to keep his landline plan operating in conjunction with one or more cell phones, however, the BTTN is the wiser option. The BTTN also works with VoIP adapter boxes.

It looks like the XLink is sending the landline phone plan the way of the beeper. The XLInk BT and BTTN cost $79.99 and $89.99 respectively.

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